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The Hit List

The Humdrum Express has released seven full albums to date - All Aboard, Little Victories, Elevation Of Trivia, (Failed Escapes From The) Clone Town Blues, The Day My Career Died, Ultracrepidarian Soup and Forward Defensive.


Black & White, Me, Playing For A Draw, Over The Hill, Beggars Can't Be Choosers, Born To Stumble & Fall, Fringe Benefits, Everyone Loves Mozart, Eat Plenty Of Fruit, Save Face (all co- written with Neil Davis)  +  Another Chance, S-P-I-Y-C, What Else? Don't Complain To Me, Fidget, I Blame The Parents, Above Your Station, Sex Relegation & The Best Pint I Ever Had.


Professor Yaffle - Only A Pop Song, Garden Gate Tapes, Taking The Dog For A Walk, Downwardly Mobile, Jim Wouldn't Fix It For Me, Blade Of Grass.



Love Hexagon, Coming Through, Fly Away, See You Later, Dig The Dogma, Start Again, Barbed Wire Bra, No Man Of Charm, Second Hand Saviour, Dirty, Killing Time, Cattle Market, King, Upper Hand, Working Late.


Hope It Goes Away, Jackpot, Nothing Left, Katrina, Nonsense Burger, Just Can't Say, Find Our Way Out, If You Could Fly, Everybody Loves Me, Knee Deep, Here We Go Again, Just Friends, Dreaming Her Life Away, Hindsight Sun, Mr Nobody, There's Always One, Tell The World, QF2, Easy To Please, Maximum Maxine, Wait For My Time, Ambition, Pseudo Friend, Save It For A Sunny Day.


Jackpot solo - You Said You Knew, Wouldn't It Be Great? Quest For Acclaim

The Humdrum Express

Wake Up Call, Have You Noticed? Out With The In Crowd, Hope It Goes Away, Consolation Prize, Drink To Your Health, A Body Like This, Sinking Ship, Rodent Rage, Interactive, Nonsense Burger, Setting The Scene, Better Days, It's Nearly Time (To Ditch My Old Friends), And The Winner Is.., My Town, Yesterday's Man, Singer/Songwriter, The Wrong Place, Dig The Dogma, Poor Me, This Is For, Keepin' Score, All Bought & Paid For, What A Carry On! Two's Company, The New Dr Who, Battle Of The Blands, What You See, Message Board Hooligan, Missing The Point, Moral High Ground, Dumbing Down For The Masses, The Way It Goes, Clone Town Blues, Give It A Whirl, Roll Out The Red Carpet, Cynical Thrill Seeker, Botox Lunch Break, Back In The Day, Misinterpretation, Get Involved! Throwaway Pop, Morons On My Mind, Fans Lost Forever, Double Edged Swords, Cryptic Self Pity, Copy Cats, Leopard Print Onesie, End Of Part One, The Day My Career Died, Festival At Home, Game Set & Match (Fixing), Austerity For All, Catch A Fallen Star, Lookalike Bond, If Only I'd Watched Blue Peter, Fading Stars On Social Media, E-Petition! Online Beer Club, Motivational Wall Art, Blue Plaque Building, Novelty Tie, Coffin Cam, Curse of the Modern Musician, Pop Culture Musings, The King of Spain, Chased By The Grammar Police, Denim in the Dugout, Christmas With Evan Dando, Brave Boy, Nostalgia For Beginners, Staying Inn, One Man's Tat (Is Another Man's Treasure), Third Choice Keeper, When Peter Shilton Tweets, Manscape Monday, What A Time To Be Alive! You'll Always Find Me In The Kitchen At Watch Parties, Celebrity Death Etiquette, Turkey Teeth 

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